ReadTheDocs is a cloud service for publishing and hosting documentation using the Sphinx documentation generator (see Sphinx). The documentation your are reading is hosted on readthedocs.


ReadTheDocs provide the following services: * hosting of documentation of open source projects * continuous Sphinx generation (connected to GitHub) * management of documentation versioning within the browser * support for downloading documentation in html, pdf, and e-pub formats * searchable documentation


No installation is required as this service is on the cloud. However you must create an ReadTheDocs account.

Then you need to connect this account with your GitHub account. Once this is done you can import the projects that have sphinx documentation.


Once the ReadTheDocs and GitHub account are connected, the documentation pushed on the github repository is automatically compiled and published on the ReadTheDpcs web site.

It is worth to use the sphinx rtd theme as it provides an excellent rendering both on computer screens but also on tablet or smart phones.


The web site is rather easy to use, but if you need documentation for specific topics you can have a look at ReadTheDocs documentation.