Assembla is a hosting service in the cloud that support in particular SVN and git repositories. In practice this is a good option to host SVN repositories freely. Much more feature are available with paid plans.


Creating an account

To get a free account use ‘Pricing’ and then click on the link Sign Up for a Free Plan that is on the page as shown below:


You can sign up with a google account. Otherwise you will just need to a few information: username, password, email, first name, last name.


Select add a SVN repository if this is what you want and give it a name. That’s all.

Adding collaborators to a repository

To add collaborators to the repository click on the repository and then select the Team tab. You just have to enter the email of each collaborator and select their status for the selected repository:

  • member for read/write access
  • watcher for read access

Using a SVN repository

SVN repositories are used remotely via SVN client. In order to do this you must know the URI of the repository and give this URI to the client. The URI can be found on the repository page in the SVN tab in the Checkout URL field as shown below.