KMADe (Kernel of Model for Activity Description environment) is an editor of task models along with a simulator. As this tools is written in java it runs on all platforms.


KMADe is an editor of task models.


task model by Sybille Caffiau


KMADe represents task models as kxml files.


KMADe is easy to install:

  • Download the KMADe zip archive web.
  • Move this file to the directory %SCRIBESTOOLS%`.
  • Unzip the file here.
  • Rename the created directory to KMADe
  • Remove the zip file if you want.

Launching KMADe

Once installed, you can just have to double click on the kmade.jar file in the installation direction. KMADe should start as this is a java executable.


KMADe has an extensive documentation (local, web) but it is mostly in french.