Diigo is a collaborative bookmarking and annotation service on the cloud.


Diigo allows to:

  • manage bookmarks (and store them in the cloud, not on your computers)
  • create notes and create libraries of images from the web
  • annotate any web pages and also pdf from the web
  • create groups and share information (bookmarks, notes, annotations) among these groups
  • generate rss feeds that are updated every time you publish a new link


You have fist to register to Diigo and select the free plan. This will give you access to the web interface of Diigo.


Diigo web interface for managing groups

To take the full profit of Diigo (and in particular to add annotations) you should install a plugin for you favorite browser. You can either search the web for with google diigo plugin chrome for instance or use the Diigo tools page (use the Extension/Web Apps). Diigo is also available on android and iphone.


“Annotate & Capture the Web” in action, the plugin for Chrome